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Hernando High Para Will Not Face Criminal Inquiry After Violating School Fundraising Policies

BROOKSVILLE – A Hernando County Paraprofessional and Coach for Hernando High School will remain employed by the school district after a four-month investigation into allegations she mishandled fundraiser transactions.

Our investigation began back in April 2024, after R News received documents that showed Robin Bailey used her personal Zelle and Cash App to accept cash payments for a laundry soap fundraiser. That cash was then deposited into her personal bank account and that's where school officials say she violated district policy. What officials did not provide was an explanation as to why thousands of dollars in profit are still unaccounted for, according to fundraising statements.

According to the organization that supplied the soap, Profitable Solutions, a 5-gallon bucket of laundry soap costs $33. The recommended profit margin is $10. per bucket, for a total selling cost of $43. But according to statements submitted to Hernando High School for the 2019/2020 and 2021/2022 school years, Bailey not only failed to make a profit, she didn't cover the total cost of investment.

The 2019/2020 statement shows a $17,051 investment, with a total income of just $15,685, which is a loss to the school of $1,366 and an estimated profit loss of $5,160. That leaves a total combined loss of $6,526. The bottom of the form asks the question, "Would you consider doing this [Fund Raiser] again? Explain." Bailey answers, "Yes – It was slow due to COVID."

The 2021/2022 statement shows an $8,438 investment, with a total income of just $6,932, which is a loss to the school of $1,506 and an estimated profit loss of $2,550. That leaves a total combined loss of $4,056. Bailey noted that she would consider doing the fundraiser again and that it is "usually more profitable."

On Monday, School District Public Information Officer Karen Jordan provided a formal letter of reprimand that reads in part: The investigation revealed you took funds into your personal account through Zelle and the use of Cash App which violates school board policies. The investigation revealed that you did not keep any of this money, and you did turn it into the bookkeeper of HHS... As a disciplinary measure, you will be ineligible to handle money for the school district for a period of two years. – Leechele Booker, Principal

When asked if the case will be forwarded to law enforcement for a criminal investigation, Jordan writes, "The district's investigation did not establish that a crime had been committed." The district did not explain the conflict between documents showing a loss and the deposits they say were made directly to the school's bookkeeper.

Robin Bailey could not be reached for comment.

A similar investigation into Hernando County Commissioner candidate Pam Everette took place last month after she attempted to solicit funds for the Hernando County Education Foundation (HCEF), by directing donors to her personal Cash App and Zelle accounts. The investigation revealed that Everette violated HCEF policy and is now restricted from participating in fundraising activities for one year. HCEF did not forward the case to law enforcement for a criminal investigation.


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