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Hernando High School Para Under Investigation for Allegedly Stealing Fundraiser Proceeds

BROOKSVILLE – A Hernando High School Paraprofessional is under investigation for allegedly using her personal bank account to accept payments for soap products during school-sponsored fundraisers. Her Ex-husband says she may have stolen the proceeds.

The investigation began earlier this year during a divorce trial between Brooksville City Councilman David Bailey and his now ex-wife Robin Bailey. David says it was revealed during trial testimony that Robin used her Cash App and Zelle accounts to accept payments from fundraiser soap sales.

David's attorney Karen Ozyjowski asked Robin if she ever deposited funds in her personal bank account and she responded, "No." Ozyjowski asked, "So, why do you write checks to Hernando High School for soap?" Robin replied that she uses her Cash App. Ozyjowski said, "Isn't Cash App your personal account?" Robin replied "Yes, but it doesn't stay there."

Bank statements provided by David show numerous Zelle and Cash App deposits made by Robin ranging from $45 to Hundreds of dollars. One fundraising statement provided to the school shows a cost of $17,051 for the purchase of soap products. It also shows she only received $15,685 in sales – a loss of $1,366. Another statement revealed a loss of $1,506.

In a letter to the Hernando County School District, following the January 5th testimony, David writes, "Ms. Bailey was selling the soap from her home, receiving cash payments and rumored to have been providing soap to her friends free of charge." David continues, "It was discovered by her own admission; Ms. Bailey was purchasing soap above and beyond what the sports team solicited and was having the school cover the upfront costs which indicates a potential misuse of funds and lack of proper financial control. Hence the reason she always has leftover soap to sell."

David says even if she didn't steal the money, she should have never used her personal accounts to conduct transactions. And he is correct. According to school policy, monies used for fundraising are supposed to be deposited immediately into a school or district account, not a personal account.

R News contacted the school district for comment, but they advised there is an open investigation into the allegations and declined to comment further. David questions why it has taken nearly 6 months to complete the inquiry when the district already has all the evidence. It is unknown if a criminal investigation has been launched by the Sheriff's Office.

During the divorce trial, David said he discovered that Robin had taken out several life insurance policies on him and acquired two credit cards by forging his name.

David said Robin may have been stealing from the schools for over seven years and he was completely unaware that she may have been committing a crime. Once the alleged criminal activity was discovered during trial, David says, "I brought this forward because it is the right thing to do. She has been stealing from the kids and the community for years."

David and Robin's divorce is final and there are no further issues to litigate, so David says he has nothing to lose or gain by bringing this issue forward.

R News reached out to Robin for comment but due to the ongoing investigation, she declined to comment.

We will bring more on this story once the investigation is complete.


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Localviewer writes:

No sympathy for charity scammers, especially for this cause, I hope she gets maximum sentence and better guidelines in place from the school. I actually done know why they use fundraisers like this with little payout anyway what a joke.

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