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Sources: Hackers Demand $2.8 Million to Release Encrypted Data and Systems

UPDATE April 12, 2024, 7:26 p.m .: According to sources, the cybercriminal gang Rhysida has claimed responsibility for the attack on Hernando County and is demanding upwards of $2.8 million or 40 Bitcoin for the purchase of data being held by the organization. County Officials have not commented on the development.

BROOKSVILLE – The investigation continues into the countywide network cyberattack that took place last month in Hernando County, leaving real estate agents and other professionals who depend on online systems at a virtual standstill.

R News broke the news on April 1st after a confidential source claimed the county had suffered a ransomware attack. Officials did acknowledge an interruption occurred in the county's IT network but declined to provide any specific details into the cause.

Real estate agents say they cannot access records or conduct title searches due to the interruption, which is slowing the closing process. The Supervisor of Elections Office on Spring Hill Drive will be closed as of today, but it is unknown if the attack has affected their systems. The Hernando County Sheriff's Office has not commented on whether the attack caused any issues with their system, but county officials say public safety emergency and critical services, including 911, Sheriff, Fire Rescue, and EMS, are operational.

Yesterday, R News received information from a source inside Hernando County Government who says, "Hackers from outside the country are demanding $2.8 million to release encrypted systems and data." We contacted government spokesperson Dominique Holmes to try and verify the claim and she said, "In terms of the investigation for the Countywide IT Network Interruption, unfortunately, I don't have much new information to share today. Investigations into the cause, scope, and impact of network disruptions take time, and due to the sensitive nature of the work, we're not able to discuss the progress in detail until it is concluded." Holmes provided the following link for citizens to check the status of services: www.HernandoCounty.us/NetworkInterruption

R News will continue to provide updates on the investigation as it develops.


Reader Comments(3)

chrisrichards writes:

https://www.ransomlook.io/screenshots/rhysida/Hernando%20County.png it looks like by the above screenshots that they've got for sale all documents including everybody's social security numbers and everything for everybody in Hernando county whoever posted anything with their social security number in it

chrisrichards writes:

this incident is not the first hacking incident with the property appraisers windows software that has happened... if they keep using Windows software for their systems they're going to continue to have issues... most large companies have been using Linux for decades and never had any problems.

Shawn1402 writes:

Hackers posted the ransom on X social media platform