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Second Time is a Charm, Says Candidate for County Commissioner

HERNANDO – Outsider political candidates in Hernando County are becoming formidable contenders against the establishment. And no one knows that better than candidate for District 1 Hernando County Commissioner Anthony Arenz, who already has one campaign under his belt.

Arenz ran against now-Commissioner Jerry Campbell in 2022 and earned a surprising 30% of the vote, and that coming from someone who had no political experience and wasn't endorsed by the Grand Poobah of politics, Senator Blaise Ingoglia.

Arenz tells R News, "The first thing I wants to do is align myself with the only true conservative Commissioner, Steve Champion, and put a ban on self-checkouts at local retail stores. The second thing I want to do is protect small businesses in Hernando County and stop raising taxes. Lastly, I want to place a 16-month moratorium on development in Hernando County to fix everything that's already broken."

Arenz explains that development in Hernando County is out of control and the infrastructure and job market can't keep up with the growth. "Residents have to work two or three jobs to keep up with the cost of living and there isn't enough industry in Hernando County to offer a more livable wage – I want to change that," says Arenz.

Arenz voiced concerns over the increasing budget, especially for the Hernando County Sheriff's Office, which is the largest share. "I want a third party to conduct an audit of the entire county budget."

Arenz is perplexed why in Sheriff Al Nienhuis refuses to implement body cameras with his deputies. "I'm a huge advocate for body cameras. "The BOCC approves budget increases every year for the Sheriff's so why can't you [Sheriff Al Nienhuis] get body cameras," says Arenz. "Denying our deputies and the citizens the protection of having body cameras is like saying I don't want to lock my doors at night."

"I would like to tell people this, we are putting our heart on the ballot. I care about everyone, regardless of your political views. I want to fix the community and the place I grew up in," says Arenz.

You can contact Anthony Arenz on his Facebook age.


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