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BREAKING: Controversial Reporter Returns to the Adventure Coast

ADVENTURE COAST – They tried boycotts, bribes, threats, lawsuits, and even false arrests to eliminate former Real News Real Fast reporter Tom Lemons but his stubborn resolve and passion for free speech drew him back to the lion's den.

Tom Lemons is back and he's ready to provide the community with local, state, national, and international news the way you all remember. He'll bring you the latest on local political campaigns for the upcoming 2022 elections cycle, human interest stories, and of course the occasional opinion piece.

A lot has changed in three years, like the introduction of Marsey's Law, the measure that restricts information being released to the media regarding victims of crime. And like many other agencies around the country, the Hernando County Sheriff's Office is working to encrypt radio traffic, which will stifle the ability to respond to the scene of crime, crashes, and other incidents. It's unknown when they will flip the switch, but for now things are as they were. Pasco County already uses this feature, so much of the news you receive in Pasco will be through media releases and community tips. But don't worry, Lemons has taken all of that into account and has a plan to keep you interested in features stories, video series, and special assignments that you would never expect from a small-town reporter.

If you have story ideas or tips, please forward them to info@patriodocproductions.com

You can also message Lemons on his various social media pages, so take a minute to like, follow, and share the following Facebook pages: Adventure Coast Real News, R News is Your News, R News Community, Rnews Opinion Page, and on his personal page at Thomas Newcastle III. You can find him on Twitter @Rnewsflorida, Instagram @rnews_news, and TikToK @tomlemonsnews. And you can watch edited videos, documentaries, and special reports on Tom Lemons' Youtube. Please subscribe.

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Please welcome R News to the Adventure Coast.


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