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Detectives Find Stolen French Bulldog in Amazon Driver's Home

SPRING HILL – Just before Christmas last year, Sterling Hills resident Nichol Exline discovered that her family's beloved French Bulldog "Kali" had disappeared from the front yard of her residence on Copper Hill Road. It didn't take long for Exline to realize that Kali had not run away; instead, she'd been taken by an Amazon driver.

Surveillance video taken on December 22, 2023, shows an Amazon driver pulling into Exline's driveway, delivering a package to her front door, and then driving away. Video does not show the suspect carrying the dog, but neighbors say the driver asked around to see who owned her. The suspect then leaves the gated community and does not return the dog.

Exline reported the theft to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office and Amazon who both opened investigations. Exline was cautiously optimistic but knew that French Bulldogs are hot commodities among dog thieves.

With hope of Kali's return beginning to fade, Exline answered a knock at the door Tuesday to find a detective holding Kali in their arms.

Exline says a detective visited the suspect's home in Tampa where he willingly turned over the dog. The suspect was not arrested that day, but Exline says the case will be turned over to the State Attorney's Office where she is confident Grand Theft charges will be filed against the suspect.

At this time the suspect's identity has not been released by officials.

Exline says, "We are so happy to have Kali home. Surprisingly, they took good care of her. She was clean, in good health, and even had her nails painted."



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