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Storm Surge Could Be Catastrophic for Hernando County

HERNANDO – Hurricane Idalia is heading into the Gulf of Mexico as a category 1 storm, but it is expected to strengthen and possibly make landfall as a major category 3 storm.

Officials expect Idalia to make landfall somewhere around Cedar Key, resulting in a storm surge of 8-12 ft from Hernando County northward.

High tide for Wednesday morning is scheduled for 2:15 a.m., which isn't good news for coastal regions. With high tide at 2.9 ft, storm surge could be as high as 15 ft.

High tide is in effect along Hernando Beach right now and water is already crossing the roadway along Pine Island Drive, due to Hurricane Idalia's influence in the Gulf of Mexico.

We will continue to monitor official updates and provide continued coverage during the storm.


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