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Woman Says Ice Cream Shop Mural is Too Pornographic for Children

BROOKSVILLE – An ice cream shop in downtown Brooksville got a lot of attention today, after Facebook post suggested that a mural painted on the business is too seductive for young children.

The illustration painted on Frosty Frank's Ice Cream Shop depicts a woman licking an ice cream cone, but the commenter complained that the image is akin to pornography.

R News stopped by Frosty Franks and spoke with the Allie, who said the controversy actually helped bring in more business from curious customers. Allie explained that the artist is a good friend of the owner, Carter Lee, and that it was not intended to be pornographic at all. "Children aren't going to look at the image the same way an adult might," said Allie.

Lee was not available for comment during our visit.

The interpretation of the image is in the eye of the beholder, but most people who commented on the Facebook post did not believe the mural was painted in a way to ambiguously sexualize the ice cream shop.

Frosty Franks is located at 1032 E. Jefferson Street, if you want to judge for yourself.

The commenter has since deleted her post.


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