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Road Rage Leads to Shooting and Pursuit of Motorcycle - VIDEO


SPRING HILL – Yesterday, R News broke the news of a shooting that occurred in the area of Mariner Blvd and Cortez Blvd. After publishing our initial report, while information was still unconfirmed, several witnesses contacted R News, claiming that officials were not correct in claiming the suspect was involved in the crash. CLICK HERE for dramatic audio and video.

Today, the Hernando County Sheriff's Office released a more detailed description of what transpired yesterday, and it appears that the shooting was more of a road rage incident than a random shooting.

Here is the full report from officials:

The investigation revealed the individual operating the motorcycle was NOT involved in the Traffic Crash mentioned in the original release.

As the deputy arrived on scene at the Traffic Crash, a bystander approached to advise the deputy of a Road Rage incident that was occurring in a nearby parking lot.

As the deputy began to walk toward the reported Road Rage incident, which involved two other parties, he observed (and heard) the male who was operating the motorcycle fire off rounds from a handgun. The male then fled the area, on the motorcycle, at a high rate of speed.

There were no injuries reported as a result of the Shooting.

Further investigation revealed, the victim (of the Road Rage incident) along with a family member were driving on the frontage road behind the Ruby Tuesday restaurant when a motorcycle passed their vehicle in a reckless manner. After a brief exchange between the two drivers, the driver got off the motorcycle, approached the victim's vehicle and began punching the hood. He then began to "head-butt" the victim's vehicle, with a helmet on his head. During this confrontation, the driver of the motorcycle broke a side-view mirror, causing a laceration to his hand.

The victim then exited his vehicle and the two adult males engaged in a verbal altercation. During the verbal altercation, both males stated, to each other, they were armed with a firearm.

The victim, being in fear for his life due to the ongoing irrational behavior of the suspect, produced his firearm. Upon seeing the victim's firearm, the suspect backed up. When the suspect retreated, the victim holstered his weapon. Deputies verified the victim does in fact a hold a Florida Concealed Weapons license.

As the victim walked back to his vehicle, the family member (still inside the vehicle) observes the suspect brandish a firearm.

The suspect then got back on the motorcycle and began to drive away. While driving away, the suspect fired his weapon at the victim's vehicle, approximately five times.

The deputy at the Traffic Crash, just a few hundred feet away, heard the gunfire and proceeded to the area, where he located the motorcycle and the driver. When the deputy attempted to stop the motorcycle, the driver fled, leading deputies, the FHP and the HCSO Aviation on a pursuit.

The driver of the motorcycle fled to 133 Arcadia Avenue in Spring Hill. He drove into an open garage then shut the garage door. After a brief standoff, the driver exited the residence and surrendered to deputies. (Note: This is where dispatchers mention the name Dylan Morgan as a possible suspect).

The driver of the motorcycle, identified as Andrew James Martin, was placed under arrest for Fleeing and Eluding.

Martin refused to speak with deputies about the incident.

Andrew James Martin DOB/01-15-2004, was transported to the Hernando County Detention Center and charged as follows:

- Aggravated Assault w/Deadly Weapon (2 counts)

- Weapon Offense/Missile Into Dwelling Vehicle Building or Aircraft

- Firing a Weapon in Public/Residential Property

- Fleeing/Eluding

- Bond - $45,000.

The investigation continues.


SPRING HILL – One person is in custody after a drive by shooting occurred in the area of Mariner Blvd and Cortez Blvd earlier this afternoon.

The investigation is still fluid, but sources say the driver of a white motorcycle drove through an accident scene at Frontage Road and Mariner Blvd and fired several shots at an SUV.

The driver fled the scene and a Hernando County Sheriff's Deputy who was working the accident began pursuing the driver. The pursuit led deputies northbound to Glenn Lakes and then back southbound through several back streets, until it finally ended at 133 Arcadia Ave. That's where the suspect drove into the garage and closed the door. A brief standoff ensued but the suspect eventually surrendered to deputies.

The suspect has been identified as 19-year-old Andrew James Martin of Spring Hill.

There are no reports of injuries at the crash scene on Mariner Blvd and the motive behind the shooting is still unknown.

We will bring more on this story as it develops.

UPDATE: A crime scene has been established around an SUV behind the Ruby Tuesday's Restaurant on Cortez Blvd, where several shell casings are marked on the roadway. Forensics and several investigators are on scene at this time.

UDPATE: Officials say the suspect was involved in the crash and began firing several shots before fleeing the area. A deputy who was responding to the accident began pursuing the suspect.


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