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VIDEO - Several People Injured After Man Goes on Violent Rampage

SPRING HILL – Yesterday, R News broke the news of a VIOLENT ATTACK that took place inside the Circle K convenience store located at Spring Hill Drive and Mariner Blvd.

Officials with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office have now released new details into the incident, and say the suspect also attacked a woman inside the Mid-Florida Credit Union, located across the street from the Circle K, and several other individuals.

According to reports, a woman was walking to her car from the Mid-Florida Credit Union, when 23-year-old Devin Wilbanks walked by her and punched her in the forehead. Wilbanks left the parking lot headed northbound on Mariner Boulevard.

The victim, a resident of New York, stated she did not know Wilbanks and had never seen him before. She suffered a contusion to the forehead.

Moments after committing the battery at Mid-Florida Credit Union, witnesses say Wilbanks walked into the Circle K and began swinging his fists at a female employee and customers.

Wilbanks punched a male employee and then went behind the counter and "cornered" two other employees. The male employee attempted to restrain Wilbanks but he broke free and proceeded to punch various items and displays throughout the store. Wilbanks then punched a female customer in the face and placed her in a choke-hold. The male employee attempted to intervene and was once again punched in the face, causing a large cut between his eyes.

Wilbanks then fled the store and walked westbound on Spring Hill Drive.

After the incident, 911 began receiving reports that someone was trying to open car doors. Later, Wilbanks encountered an adult male who was sitting in the driveway of his residence. Wilbanks swung at the victim, hitting him in the face.

Within an hour of the attacks, deputies located Wilbanks at a bus stop on Spring Hill Drive near the library. Wilbanks attempted to flee on a bicycle, but a deputy managed to tackle him, and with the assistance of other deputies, he was taken into custody.

Wilbanks is heard screaming incoherently and acting irrational, prompting deputies to call Fire Rescue to have him evaluated. CLICK HERE for video captured by R News.

Wilbanks was transported to the Hernando County Jail and charged with 3-counts of Battery, 2-counts of Simple Assault, Burglary w/Assault or Battery, Burglary, Resisting Arrest w/o Violence. Wilbanks is currently held on a $33,500 bond.

Wilbanks has a long history of violence and numerous arrests, dating back to 2019.


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