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School Threat Prompts Additional Security, Some Parents Keep Children Home

HERNANDO – Last night, R News began receiving dozens of inquiries from concerned parents about a threat to "shoot up" Hernando High School.

One parent sent R News a copy of what she says is the written threat. It reads, "I am shooting up this school on 11/30 at 11:30 am." The message has not been confirmed by officials.

The threat prompted District officials to notify parents of the threat and assure them that additional law enforcement would be present at all Hernando County Schools.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office is investigating the threat.

Despite the early warning and additional security, some parents have chosen to keep their children home from school today.

This threat comes on the heels of a drive-by shooting that occurred yesterday at Freedom Gardens Apartments, near Hail Ave. https://www.rnews.news/story/2022/11/29/news/drive-by-shooting-at-brooksville-apartment-complex/275.html

R News will monitor the situation throughout the day.


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