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Hernando County Parents are Unwittingly Supporting Human Trafficking and Other Crimes Through School Program

HERNANDO COUNTY – It's a parent's responsibility to make sure their child attends school, does homework, and instills virtues, like kindness, compassion, and a sense of responsibility. Your child's school has an obligation to make sure they are safe and learn the essentials needed to seek a higher education, learn a trade, play professional sports, or pursue whatever career they choose. Students are also presented with numerous opportunities to participate in fundraising for various commendable causes. These activities are great for socializing, character building, and learning that we all have a civic duty to help others when we can. But where exactly are those contributions going and could they actually be funding criminal activity?

The Ditch the Duds program allows students in select Hernando County schools to dress outside of the standard dress code for a $1.00 donation. Challenger K-8 in Spring Hill offers this to students once per month, and the proceeds are donated to various charities, including school programs and activities. Dawn Center is a domestic violence shelter and one of the 501c3 non-profits that families are supporting. What parents don't know is that the shelter is known to harbor fugitives, allow prostitution, drug abuse, drug trafficking, and allegedly stealing millions in taxpayer dollars through forged documents. Most disturbingly, some witnesses claim they are involved in a human trafficking ring that moves women and children around the country, for the sole purpose of collecting federal funds.

R News Reporter Tom Lemons (this author) investigated these claims for several years, but was eventually forced out of the county, after exposing the identities of several high-profile politicians, judges and business owners who are actively involved in covering up the illicit activity. The documentary Behind the Gate how the criminal enterprise operates, tells the stories of how real victims of domestic violence are being treated inside the shelter, and that they did to this reporter for exposing it.

The Hernando County School Board is aware the of the problem, but despite numerous complaints, they continue to allow the organization to receive funds from unwitting parents and students.

The Board has repeatedly denied having a relationship with Dawn Center but refuses to answer specific questions posed by this reporter and the community.

Today, Public Information Officer Karen Jordan provided the following statement regarding tomorrow's Ditch the Duds event at Challenger K-8:

"One of Challenger K8's core values is to create opportunities for students to serve their community. Aligned to that belief, Challenger K8 commits all funds raised through 'Ditch The Duds' campaigns to a variety of non-profits in the community. The contributions have been incredibly well received by the community; however, I would advise any concerned Challenger parent to contact the school administration."

Parents say they are torn between turning a blind eye and supporting the criminal activity or telling the truth to their child and not allowing them to participate in Ditch the Duds. Parents fear the latter would cause undue stress to their child. Essentially, Dawn Center is using children as human shields and forcing families to support their organization.

Parents can voice their concerns during the next School Board meeting on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. The office is located at 919 N. Broad Street in Brooksville.

Click Here to watch Documentary: https://youtu.be/b8l6ZH1cs4c


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