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Trampoline Park Closes without Refunding Patrons, Some Say Good Riddance Because of Sex, Drugs, and Violence

SPRING HILL – Indoor trampoline parks have become popular throughout Florida, and Spring Hill used to have one until the owners suddenly closed their doors on Monday. That according to a notice placed on the company's Facebook page on July 31st.

Summit Adventure Park of Spring Hill was located at the corner of Spring Hill Drive and Mariner Blvd in Seven Hills Plaza, until Monday, when the owners officially closed their doors. But a lot of patrons and parents say good riddance to a place with a lot of problems.

In June, R News received numerous complaints from people who purchased short term and annual memberships with the facility. The owners suddenly ended the program without warning, leaving hundreds of customers with a worthless membership and forced to pay hourly or daily fees. I contacted the business by phone and spoke with someone named Mike who claimed to be the manager. I asked why he suddenly stopped the memberships and what customers can do to get a refund. Mike said, "Anyone who paid can get a prorated refund and the monthly payments should stop automatically." He went on to say. "All they have to do is call or stop in and he would issue the refund." I asked Mike if the business was doing okay and he said, "The business is fine, this has nothing to do with the business. The membership was becoming more of a negative than a positive and so we had to do what was best for the community."

Now that the business is closed, a lot of patrons say they were not able to get a refund and the payments continue to be deducted. But finances might not have been the only issue.

The majority of complaints posted on social media threads pertain to cleanliness, equipment in disrepair, safety, and overall conditions of the facility. But even worse, parents say teen gang activity was rampant, children were having sex in the plain view, doing drugs, getting drunk, and fighting. There was rarely adult supervision in the facility and young teens were the only employees working. Carla Cramasta Bartlett commented on the business's Facebook page, stating, "Considering last time we were there were teens laying in a 69 position grinding on each other, the equipment never running bc its broken, the safety pads falling off the wall. I'm not surprised." Jessie Oliver said, "They had 0 adults there. Literally 0. The teenagers did whatever they wanted, and they let harassment, bullying, and just plain chaos. If they had an adult to keep things in check it would have been different." Alessandra Marciano stated, "If it was run by responsible adults & not used as a drop off/daycare, we would probably have a great place that would last. It's sad because Hernando is in lack of activities for young kids."

Summit Adventure Park is actually a franchise with corporate offices based in South America. Luke Jones is listed as the registered agent of Ultimate Trampoline, LLC and the license is still active, according to Sunbiz.org website.

R News made several unsuccessful attempts to speak with the owners.


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