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Popular Mexican Restaurant Shut Down Due to Numerous Health Violations

SPRING HILL – A popular Mexican restaurant was shut down today, after a routine inspection revealed numerous health concerns within the establishment.

According to a report issued by the Department of Business & Professional Regulations. Plaza Mexico Restaurant Bar and Grill, located at 7285 Forest Oaks Blvd, was closed this morning, after an inspector found 15 violations. Of those violations, 6 were listed as high priority, 3 intermediate, and 6 basic.

The basic violations are described as a buildup of food debris and residue on equipment, contaminated with rodent chew marks, holes in the walls, food tongs hanging on stove handles, gaps in doorways to the outside, which would allow rodents and insects enter, and food thawed in an improper manner. According to the report, frozen fish was thawing in a mop sink full of water.

The intermediate violations are described as food contact with soiled surfaces, mold and slime on food surfaces, and a black substance on the margarita machine nozzle. The hand washing sink was full of dishes and the water temperature was too low for washing hands.

The more serious violations are listed as live, flying insects in the food prep area, raw animal food stored with ready-to-eat food, raw fish stored over pineapple, rodent activity present in dry storage, closet prep, walk-in cooler, prep table, wait station, clean dish storage, and even raw potatoes with rodent chew marks. Rodent droppings were found in all the above locations. Roasted beef and pork were held at less than the required temperatures and the establishment was operating under an expired Division of Hotels and Restaurants License.

Some of the violations were corrected during the inspection, others will require additional time to gain compliance.

During a prior routine inspection on December 10, 2021, there were no violations cited in the report. However, the license was listed as delinquent.

The owners of Plaza Mexico Restaurant Bar and Grill have seven locations in Florida, including Spring Hill, Zephyrhills, Lakeland, Port Charlotte, Venice, Palm Harbor, and Sarasota. All of the locations have had numerous violations and both Lakeland and Palm Harbor locations were forced to temporarily close, earlier this year. The owners have listed all the locations under Los Alvarez Inc.

It is unknown when or if the Spring Hill location will reopen.

R News has been unable to contact the owners for comment.


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