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Man Thinks He's Meeting 15-Year-Old Girl for Sex, Confrontation Captured on Video

TAMPA, Fla. – There is nothing more disturbing than predators who will do anything to victimize young children, and you could be standing next to one right now and not even know it.

Although the majority of incidents involving sexual abuse against children is committed by a family member or someone the victim knows, social media has become an easy place for predators to manipulate victims into meeting for sex.

Florida Predator Prevention (FPP) is an organization that is working to expose sexual predators throughout Florida, in an effort protect as many children as possible.

The organizer of the group does not want to be identified, but he says this is something he is extremely passionate about, and he wants to bring down as many predators as he can.

Yesterday, FPP invited R News to join them in confronting a suspected predator at a Walmart in Tampa, Florida. FPP claims the subject initiated contact with a decoy on a social media site, who posed as a 15-year-old girl. After several sexually explicit messages between the decoy and subject, who refers to himself as "Chance," FPP was able to schedule a meeting.

As seen in this FPP VIDEO , and this RNews VIDEO , FPP and R News reporter Tom Lemons approached Chance in the electronics section of Walmart and, made him aware that the 15-year-old girl was not meeting him. As soon as he saw the cameras, Chance immediately started walking towards the front exit and refused to answer any questions.

Outside, Chance made is way to his vehicle and left the scene without saying a single word.

Here are some excerpts in no particular order from messages sent between the decoy and Chance:

Warning: Sexually Explicit Content

Chance: ...Nice I love the beach too, lol yeah clearly a really horny old guy, I'm pretty sure that has never worked. So how old are you? What do you do for work?

Decoy: ... So yeah I'm 15, almost 16. I know, I know, I look a lot older, I hear it a lot. I live with my aunt and she works 2 jobs so she's always gone and it sucks being alone all the time. Plus I do homeschool online so it's really hard to meet new people.

Chance: Do you have more pictures of you? We should chill sometime.

Decoy: U don't look 28. I would have guessed 22. Your cute.

Chance: Thanks, I am a veteran and I work for Pinellas County.

Chance: I work for the Sheriff's Office but I'm not an actual cop.

Chance: lol mostly sexual (regarding the chat app) just surprised you like it given all the creepy older men.

Chance: Are you into older guys?

Decoy: Yeah age doesn't bother me. I've met a few, they were nice.

Chance: Do you have guys over to your place when your aunt is working?

Decoy: I have before, like friends or if it's someone I've been talking to for a little bit.

Decoy: I'm 5' tall, how tall are you?

Chance: Oh you are fun sized, I'm 6'2". Oh I see, well sounds like you need someone to make the first move. Could be fun.

Chance: Oh well you being small is a good thing, since it's nice being with a girl you can pick up and move around as needed (wink emoji) well when we hang out I will be sure not to let it get awkward, I'm pretty sure I would have a hard time keeping my hands to myslelf.

Decoy: Hahahah, well your really hot and super sweet, so that would be okay lol. I mean, I'd probably be kinda shy at first, just becuz I've never really done anything. I kissed a guy once but it was awful! Lol.

Because Chance made reference to working with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, we immediately contacted the agency to report the incident. According to Public Information Officer Sgt. McKay, the subject may work for G4S (Allied Universal), a company contracted to do prison transport for the agency. We contacted Allied Universal, but we have yet to receive a response.

If you recognize the subject or his vehicle in the video, please contact Rnews at info@patriodocproductions.com and we will forward your information to Florida Predator prevention. You can also contact local law enforcement if you have information regarding this incident.

Please follow FPP on their Facebook Page at: FPP Facebook


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Penny writes:

His tag is right in the picture, they could run it and find out who the vehicle is registered too.