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Early Morning Violent Crash Kills Spring Hill Man

SPRING HILL – A violent crash on Mariner Blvd claimed the life of a 57-year-old Spring Hill man, early this morning.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver of a late model Kia sedan was traveling at a high rate of speed on Mariner Blvd, when the driver lost control at the intersection of Elgin Blvd and crashed into a light pole and pedestrian signal.

Impact with the pole caused the vehicle to split in half, killing the driver.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.


Reader Comments(3)

chris55 writes:

On 2nd thought, he may have been on a suicide mission.

chris55 writes:

Of course, this is a tragedy, but realistically, unless he was obliterated, at 57 years old, you'd think he'd have had common sense. May he RIP.

RockinNana28 writes:

Wow! You know he was flying to split his car completely in half. So sad that he's gone, but at least he didn't suffer, it was quick. People HAVE to slow down and STOP treating Mariner, Spring Hill Dr, Hwy 19, Hwy 50 and County Line Rd like it's the Suncoast Pkwy. It's NOT. You newcomers to our state need to realize that Hernando Co is NOT a speedway. You cannot drive like that here in this small town. We have too many retired elderly people here that were here long before you ever arrived. Driving like that will get them killed. SLOW the hell down. This is not a NASCAR town! Don't like this post...then feel free to LEAVE and go back to where you came from. You know who you are...do you want to be next?? P.S. my prayers to this guy's family...