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Allocco Will Have to Explain Why He Broke a Promise to Only Serve Two-Term

HERNANDO COUNTY – There are three Hernando County Commissioners up for reelection this year and the stakes couldn't be any higher for one incumbent as he prepared to face off against three opponents in the General Election.

District 3 Commissioner John Allocco (R) is running for a third term against two conservative candidates, Marvin Baynham (R), Burton Melaugh (NPA), and Democrat Luciano Vignali.

Hernando County has long been a red county, with Diane Rowden being the last Democrat to hold a County Commission seat until she lost to Allocco in 2016. Allocco, like many elected officials in Hernando County, was hand-picked by State Senator Blaise Ingoglia to run against Rowden. However, some residents are starting to think they voted for a big-spending liberal rather than the fiscally responsible conservative Allocco claimed to be.

Over the last 8 years, Allocco has voted at least three times to raise taxes in Hernando County. This year alone the board voted to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on infrastructure projects, most of which will go to Sheriff Al Nienhuis to rebuild the entire Sheriff's Office and Detention Center. That project alone could top $350 million, and the taxpayers will be on the hook for that over the next 30 years. Residents will have the opportunity to vote for a 1-cent sales tax increase this November to avoid another property tax increase.

Last month, Allocco and three of his fellow board members, excluding Commissioner Steve Champion, voted to give County Administrator Jeff Rogers a 28% salary increase, from 196,020 to a whopping $271,611 (including 3% annual increases) when his contract expires in 2028. That did not go over well with residents who say that's far too much when the rest of the county is struggling to make ends meet under dismal economic conditions.

Recently, a viewer provided R News video showing Allocco speaking at a 2020 campaign event in Hernando Beach. During that speech, Allocco stated, "I believe that elected office is a calling, it's not a career." He goes on to say, "Should I be reelected, I will limit my service to two terms – 8-years, because if it's good enough for the president [Donald Trump], I believe it's good enough for a County Commissioner.

R News reached out to Allocco for comment, but he has yet to respond to our inquiries.

Tomorrow night, R News will livestream the Hernando Beach Property Owners Association Candidates Forum on the Adventure Coast Journal Facebook page, where 13 local candidates are expected to speak and answer questions. Commissioner John Allocco and Candidate for Sheriff Joe Puglia are among those scheduled to speak at the event.

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