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DeSantis Prepares for Influx of Haitian Refugees, Offers Help to American Citizens

TALLAHASSEE – In anticipation of a potential influx of illegal immigrants from Haiti, Governor Ron DeSantis has ordered additional state assets to the Keys and southern waters of the State of Florida.

"For quite some time, the State of Florida has been dedicating significant resources to combat illegal vessels coming to Florida from countries such as Haiti," said Governor Ron DeSantis. "Given the circumstances in Haiti, I have directed the Division of Emergency Management, the Florida State Guard, and state law enforcement agencies to deploy over 250 additional officers and soldiers and over a dozen air and sea craft to the southern coast of Florida to protect our state. No state has done more to supplement the (under-resourced) U.S. Coast Guard's interdiction efforts; we cannot have illegal aliens coming to Florida."

Currently, state agencies have security and surveillance assets in South Florida and the Keys as a part of Operation Vigilant Sentry to stop illegal immigration at sea. The governor's directive today will send additional personnel and assets from the following agencies:

Governor DeSantis has authorized the deployment of the Florida State Guard to the Keys to assist in the operation.

Illegal immigrants feel empowered to enter the sovereign territory of the United States because of the federal government's refusal to diligently enforce our immigration laws and protect the integrity of the border. When a state faces the possibility of invasion, it has the right and duty to defend its territory and people. Under Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida will act.

In addition to securing Florida's coastline, the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) has launched a portal to collect information from Floridians and other Americans who may be trapped in Haiti. Gang violence and rapidly escalating instability have caused severe political unrest in Haiti, putting Americans in the country at risk. Floridians in Haiti or their family members can fill out the questionnaire on the portal to let the state know of immediate needs.

Anyone in need of immediate assistance can access the portal at FloridaDisaster.Org/Haiti.


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