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Suspect Charged His Electric Bicycle While Committing Burglaries

HERNANDO BEACH – Transient charged with residential burglary after several failed attempts at entering local businesses.

Sources say the suspect, 62-year-old Corey Hal Schuerman, arrived on a battery-operated bicycle and attempted to break into Lei Lo Tiki Hut Restaurant on Caliente Street. After failing to enter the restaurant, Schuerman plugged his bicycle into an outdoor electric outlet to let it charge while he tried breaking into another business. Schuerman then moved to a nearby condominium and successfully gained entry. By this time, sheriff's deputies were already responding due to the other burglary attempts. Upon arrival, deputies quickly located Schuerman and placed him into custody.

Schuerman is currently charged with one count of Burglary, but sources say he may face additional charges, including theft of electricity.

Schuerman has a long history of arrests since 2010 but has not served any time in the Department of Corrections. Schuerman's most recent arrest was in December of 2023, where he was charged with possession of Methamphetamine. That case is still pending.


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