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School Bus Swarmed by Deputies After Student Claimed to Have a Gun, Switchblade, and Brass Knuckles

BROOKSVILLE – A sixth-grade Parrot Middle School student caused quite a stir on a Hernando County school bus yesterday after he claimed to have weapons in his possession.

Several Hernando County Sheriff's Deputies swarmed the bus on a service road near Weeping Willow Street and Cortez Blvd yesterday, after reports that the child had made threats to harm other students.

According to the original statement by officials, a student was overheard saying he would "bring a gun to school to kill everyone." School officials stated they would apply the maximum discipline to that student, including expulsion, if the allegations were true. Additional precautions were taken by Parrot Middle School to ensure the safety of the students, according to officials.

Following the investigation, school officials say the student did make statements that he had brass knuckles, a gun, and a switchblade to peers on the bus, but that "at NO time did the student make a threat against a student or the school." It was also determined that the student never had any of the weapons he mentioned in his possession.

Officials say the student will face appropriate discipline in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.


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