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Local Teen Hopes to Save Lives by Installing Life Rings - Spotlight Adventure Coast Journal

SPRING HILL – Jesse Kolberg is a senior at Springstead High School, an exemplary student, an Eagle Scout, and the captain of his soccer team at the Hernando Soccer Club. After high school, Jesse hopes to attend the University of Florida with aspirations of someday practicing law. But what led R News to feature Jesse in our Spotlight Adventure Coast Journal series is what he did to help Hernando County a little bit safer.

Jesse wanted to do something "big" to help his community as part of a project for his Eagle Scout Troop. While visiting Cocoa Beach last summer, Jesse discovered Life Ring stations scattered along the beach where there were no lifeguards. Jesse contacted the organizers of Drown Zero who installed the units and asked if he could get a copy of the design plans. But Jesse says the organizers did better than that. With the help of local businesses and non-profits, the organization offered to construct and donate 20 stations to Jesse so that he could install them all over Hernando County.

For the rest of the story, follow this link to watch our interview with Jesse Kolberg: Spotlight - Jesse Kolberg


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