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Father of 7th Grade Student Not Happy with Homework Titled "What is a Nudist"

SPRING HILL – 2023 was a year of conflict and controversies over inappropriate books, movies, and conduct in Hernando County Schools, and it looks like 2024 might be starting out the same way.

Bob Hampton, a parent of a 7th grade Gulf Coast Academy middle school student contacted R News today with a complaint about his daughter's homework. According to Hampton, while looking through his daughter's backpack, he discovered a math worksheet titled "What is a Nudist?" Next to the instructions on the worksheet, there were cartoon images of nude adults hiding behind objects and bushes.

To adults, this might be humorous, but Hampton says this is not something a 12-year-old should be reading while trying to learn math.

R News spoke with Gulf Coast Academy's Administrative Director Nevin Siefert who explained, "The worksheet was part of the "Sum Fun -182 Math Puzzles" book by Don Wagstaff and meant as a supplementary review of multiplying and dividing exponents, which was a topic being covered in the general math class," says Siefert. He goes on to say, "The title of the worksheet was not meant to offend any of the students and will not be used in the future."

Hampton voiced serious concerns about the condition of Hernando County Schools in general because of their "woke agenda." And was concerned that the worksheet was just another sneaky way of "grooming our children."

Other parents we spoke to said they didn't have a problem with the title but that it could cause a disruption in class.

Other than the worksheet issue, Hampton says he has no other complaints about the school.

It should be noted that the Hernando County School District has limited oversight of charter schools and only ensures that they stay in compliance with state statute.


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