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Elementary PE Teacher Accused of Grooming Students on Gender Transition Process

SPRING HILL – Conservative parents have been battling school districts around the country over teachers indoctrinating students on progressive issues like gender fluidity, Critical Race Theory, and the LGBTQ community. Hernando County has seen its fair share of similar controversies, but they aren't as frequent in Florida as they are in "blue" states.

In March of this year, a transgender Fox Chapel teacher made threatening statements about his students and was ultimately removed from the classroom. In July we broke the news of a Winding Waters K-8 teacher who showed a prohibited movie to her 5th grade class. She was removed from the district for violating policy. Today, R News received information from a parent of an 11-year-old 5th grade student at J.D. Floyd Elementary who says a PE teacher had inappropriate discussions with her son's class.

According to the parent, who requested anonymity out of fear of retaliation, J.D. Floyd PE Teacher Linda Johnson allegedly groomed her students on the process of becoming transgender. The parent says Johnson discussed "...medications/dosages on becoming a transgender, specifically how men can develop breasts by medication/surgery. She also used her hands to emphasize different body parts, including breasts and genitalia once someone transitions."

In addition to discussing gender transition with her students, the parent says Johnson discussed, "How Fentanyl is made in China and how it is sold here in the USA. She also explained how much fentanyl to ingest and how to administer Narcan."

Lastly, the parent says Johnson admitted to being a drug addict and how it led to the destruction of her marriage. "She explained to the kids all about her divorce and drug use in detail," says the parent.

The parent immediately filed complaints with the J.D. Floyd administrators, which prompted district officials to send the following text message to parents: On Friday morning, FES school administration was made aware of allegations that a PE teacher made inappropriate statements while in the presence of students. The teacher was immediately removed from student contact and placed on administrative leave and will not return until a full and careful investigation is concluded.

The parent says it took three days from the time of her complaint for school officials to notify parents of the issues, which she says is, "unacceptable." The parent says School Board Member Shannon Rodriguez reached out to her and said, "Someone dropped the ball, and they will be investigating to suspend them."

The parent says she'll be at the next school board meeting in January to discuss the issue.

We will continue to follow this story and bring more as it develops.


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