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Law Enforcement Warns of Privacy Issues with Latest iPhone Update

IMPORTANT UPDATE: After the release of our report regarding the iPhone Update, we were notified that the feature does not allow the automatic sharing of private information. According to Apple, you still have to acknowledge and approve any request to share your contact information. It is unknown why Law Enforcement agencies, including the Hernando County Sheriff's Office is sharing this errant information with the media.

HERNANDO – If you own an iPhone and are preparing to install the latest update, you might want to use caution and check your privacy settings.

Law Enforcement agencies around the country are warning iPhone users about the iOS 117 update, which allows contact information to be easily shared through its NameDrop feature.

According to Apple officials, NameDrop allows you to share your contact information by simply holding your phone close to another iPhone. Within seconds, your contact card will be shared automatically with the other user.

The feature is particularly dangerous for children because pedophiles and other criminals may take advantage of their vulnerability and access a child's personal information.

To disable the feature, got to Settings, General, AirDrop, Bringing Devices Together, and switch to OFF position.


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