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Sister of Fatal Hit and Run "Suspect" Says She's Hiding Nearby

BROOKSVILLE – On October 16th, 38-year-old Shawn Mullins was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in the area of Jacqueline Road and Mariner Blvd. The suspect in the case has not been identified by officials, but one woman claims the suspect is her sister and that she may still be hiding in the area.

According to Kathie Hartwell, 35-year-old Rhonda Sue Smith is the woman responsible for Mullins' death. Hartwell says Smith doesn't have a valid driver's license and was due in court on November 9th for a prior charge of driving on a suspended license. According to court documents, Smith did have a hearing scheduled for that day, but she was not required to attend.

Hartwell says Smith is hiding in an abandoned trailer located on Seely Lane, which is their father's property. She also claims that the truck used in the hit-and-run belongs to their father.

Investigators located the suspect's vehicle, a Ford F150, abandoned on Star Road immediately after the crash.

Hartwell tells R News that Smith admitted to friends and family that she is the person who struck and killed Mullins. Smith hides every time law enforcement comes to the house, according to Hartwell.

Officials have not released any new details regarding the investigation.


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