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Woman's False Domestic Violence Claims Leads to Several Schools Being Locked Down

BROOKSVILLE – Earlier today, numerous deputies rushed to Ken Austin Parkway after a woman claimed her significant other attempted to ram her vehicle, threatened her and was carrying a firearm on school grounds. Dramatic Audio

Dozens of deputies rushed to Central High School, where they located the woman and escorted her into the lobby. She then advised deputies that she was carrying a firearm, so they took possession of it for "safekeeping."

Deputies locked down Central High School, West Hernando Elementary, and Pine Grove Elementary, due to allegations that the male subject was armed, committed a violent act, and threatened to harm the woman. Deputies blocked off Ken Austin Parkway and prepared spike strips, in case the subject attempted to flee.

Numerous deputies began searching the area and eventually located the vehicle driving on Sunshine Grove Road. A felony traffic stop was conducted (Guns drawn) and he was detained without incident.

The male subject denied all allegations and was not found in possession of a firearm.

At the conclusion of the investigation, deputies returned the firearm to the woman and advised her on how to get a domestic violence injunction. She was not charged for carrying a firearm on school grounds or filing a false report with law enforcement.

Deputies asked the male subject if he would turn over any firearms he had at the residence and he voluntarily agreed, despite no crime being committed.

Officials declined to answer questions regarding the incident.

The schools resumed normal operations.


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