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Woman Who Shot Pit Bulls Went on to Commit Home Invasion, Arson, After Bond Reduction

BROOKSVILLE – Yesterday, the Hernando County Sheriff's Office announced the conviction of 39-year-old Jamie Lynn Kujawa, the woman who abused her two Pit Bulls for several months by shooting them with a BB gun. But what officials didn't report is that Kujawa was also convicted in connection with a home invasion and arson case that led to a deadly shootout between her accomplice and law enforcement in May of last year.

According to court documents, on April 19, 2022, an Animal Enforcement officer (AEO) was called to Kujawa's residence at 472 Hollyhock Lane after a neighbor reported that she was shooting her two Pit Bulls with a BB gun. Kujawa denied shooting her dogs, but she agreed to surrender the dogs so they could be treated by a veterinarian.

During an examination of the dogs, X-rays showed 173 pellets embedded in their head, torso, legs, and feet.

On May 2, 2022, AEO returned to her residence to interview Kujawa where she admitted to shooting her dogs because they kept trying to dig under her fence. On May 10th, Kujawa was booked into the Hernando County Jail on 173 counts of Animal Cruelty and held on a $346,000 bond. During First Appearance on May 11th, Judge Kurt Hitzemann lowered Kujawa's bond to only $2,000 and she was released the same day.

Just over two weeks after her release, Kujawa joined 44-year-old Bridget Harvey and now-deceased 42-year-old Victor Thomas Torres in a home invasion robbery that took place at a residence on Balsam Ave in Hudson. According to reports, Kujawa drove Harvey and Torres to the residence, where they tied up and viciously beat an 89-year-old man. The suspects then stole credit cards and the victim's SUV before driving to a residence on Dandelion Court in Spring Hill, where they set fire to the vehicle.

Harvey and Kujawa were taken into custody that same morning, but Torres fled on foot, which led to a terrifying shootout with Pasco and Hernando County Sheriff's Deputies. Torres was eventually shot to death by deputies outside a residence on Davenport Lane. Because Pasco County was involved in the shooting, dramatic body cam footage was released to the public the same day. Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis opposes the use of body cameras.

Kujawa was sentenced to 5 years on animal cruelty charges, 6 years for Conspiracy to Commit Arson, 1 year for Home Invasion Robbery, and 1 year for Fraudulent use of a Credit Card – all to run concurrently. Kujawa will be eligible for parole in June of 2028, less than four years behind bars on a 6-year sentence.

Harvey was sentenced to 6 years for Arson, 1 year for Fraudulent use of a Credit Card, and 1 year for Home Invasion Robbery. She will also be eligible for parole in June of 2028.


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