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Two Hernando Correctional Officers Arrested, Audit Shows Numerous Violations

UPDATE - March 5, 2024: Former Hernando Correctional Institution (HCI) Officer contacted R News earlier this week to advise that the state has dropped the charge of Sexual Activity Involving Animals filed against her last October.

Assistant State Attorney Bryan Sarabia tells R News that he did not want to abandon the case but there were technicalities that would not allow the prosecution to continue. Sarabia says a recent court ruling changed her charge from a misdemeanor to a felony and Detectives with HCSO were unable to pinpoint the exact date that the offense occurred. Even though Kuhlow admitted to having sex with a dog and with video evidence of the offense, the prosecution could not pursue prosecution.

Kuhlow provided the following statement exclusively to R News, "Thank you to my friends, loved ones, and all who have supported me through this roller coaster in my life. I'm happy to close the book on this, I am ready to put this behind me and return things to the way they used to be. I'm eager to go back to being a Public Servant and protecting people just as I did before. My goal is to help people feel safe and protected, that is my duty, and will always be. "

Due to Florida Law, if a defendant's charges are dropped or they are found not guilty, a media outlet must remove the former defendant's mugshot.


On September 26th, R News reported the arrest of a Shady Hill "man" who is accused of having sex with a dog and posting videos of the activity on social media. R News has now learned that 24-year-old Adam Shawn Lee Kuhlow is a biological female and that she changed her name in 2021 from Autumn Amanda Brey Kuhlow. We apologize for the error.


BROOKSVILLE – In an exclusive R News report published last month, whistleblowers at Hernando Correctional Institution (HCI) made claims that multiple officers were engaging in sexual activity with each other and inmates at the facility. The informants also made allegations of serious health and safety concerns for staff and inmates (See Comments for Details).

Today, R News learned that two now-former officers who were arrested have been terminated or resigned from the Florida Department of Corrections.

According to reports, 24-year-old Adam Shawn Lee Kuhlow was arrested last Friday in Pasco County, after officials say he engaged in sexual activity with a dog and then posted videos of the acts online. Kuhlow was charged with Sexual Activity Involving Animals and released on a $5,000 bond.

Sources say Kuhlow was an officer with the Florida Department of Corrections and worked at the HCI until the incident. It is unknown if Kuhlow was terminated or resigned over the arrest.

A second HCI officer, 23-year-old Shi'mon Adriyel Hicks was arrested on August 27th on charges of Driving Under the Influence. Hicks is no longer employed with the FDOC, as of the date of his arrest.

According to a source at HCI, after our August 22nd report, officials in Tallahassee ordered a full audit of the facility, which took place last week.

Sources say the auditors discovered multiple violations involving the discovery of drugs and other contraband inside the facility. They also found tools and chemicals accessible to inmates that could have been used as weapons.

Just prior to the audit, Warden Tamara Poynter delivered a memo to staff, advising them that she would be taking leave from September 14th through October 2nd, completely avoiding investigators conducting the audit.

We contacted Paul Walker, Deputy Communications Director for the FDOC, who said he would look into the allegations and get back to us.


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