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White Supremacist Charged After Hanging Swastikas on Bridge, 3 More Arrests Pending

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has announced the arrest of a Cape Canaveral man on charges of Criminal Mischief in connection with a June 10th incident in Orange County.

Officials say 48-year-old Jason Brown was part of a group of protestors who hung antisemitic banners on the Daryl Carter Parkway Bridge that crosses I-4. The banners contained images of swastikas, and read "Wh*te P*wer World Wide," and "Destroy ALL pedophiles." The banners were placed on the fence without permission, which violates state law.

There are three additional warrants for demonstrators who were involved in hanging banners on the bridge that day.

Earlier this year, Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 269, which includes provisions that prohibit individuals from displaying or projecting images onto a building, structure, or property without permission.

"We want to thank Governor DeSantis for his support of law enforcement and for the signing of HB 269, giving us the tools to arrest this hate-filled radical," said FDLE Commissioner Mark Glass. "This activity will not be tolerated in the greatest state in the country, Florida."

The violations are First Degree Misdemeanors and not related to exercising free speech. The U.S. Constitution protects all speech, even hate speech.

The suspects are all members of an antisemitic group that calls themselves the "Order of the Black Sun."

The same group recently protested outside the gates of Disney World, where they waved swastika flags and yelled racist comments at patrons.


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