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Christmas Eve Murder Investigation Continues as Family Remembers Their Beloved Daughter's Birthday

SPRING HILL – It's been over a year and half since Ed and Judy Ptarcinski's 18-year-old daughter Adriana Ptarcinski was murdered inside their home in the Sterling Hills Subdivision. Friday would have been Ariana's 20th birthday, so in honor of her memory, the Ptarcinski's held a paper lantern release at the wind chime oak tree near Anderson Snow Park.

Friends and family joined Ed and Judy in releasing the lanterns that ascended against sublime Florida sunset. A wind chime found its place on a sprawling branch, joining so many others who are memorialized by the soft resonating tolls.

Ed and Judy shared their gratitude with all who attended the event and then closed by singing happy birthday to their beloved daughter.

Ariana died on Christmas Eve, 2021, from what officials say was a "stab wound of neck." Ariana's boyfriend, 20-year-old Ramon Caldaron Durst was holding Ariana by the neck and allegedly stating "I did this," when Ed discovered his daughter clinging to life. She later died at a nearby trauma center.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office says the case is still open but offered no further comment. The case is now in the hands of the State Attorney's Office, according to officials.

During the event on Friday, Judy stated "We shouldn't be doing this right now, but what kills us more is that this guy is still walking free, and Hernando County has done nothing about it."

R News will continue to follow this case and bring more details as they develop.


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