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Woke Teacher's TikTok Video Goes Viral Amid Grooming Controversy

BROOKSVILLE – In recent weeks, Hernando County School teachers have found themselves making national headlines over things they've said or done in the classroom. And a K-8 teacher is the latest to stir up controversy in a mostly conservative county for her very left-leaning beliefs.

The daughter of conservative Circuit Judge Don Barbee, Jenna Barbee teaches pre-teens in her 5th grade class at Winding Waters K-8. Earlier this month, Barbee played the Disney movie, Strange World, to her class and was later informed that the film is prohibited due to content involving sexual orientation. Barbee was pulled from the classroom and is now under investigation by the Florida Department of Education

Barbee attended last week's school board meeting, where she blamed board member Shannon Rodriguez for using her political position to try and influence her father at the onset of the investigation. Rodriguez returned fire, stating, "It is not a teacher's job to impose their beliefs upon a child: religious, sexual orientation, gender identity, any of the above," said Rodriguez. "But allowing movies such as this, assist teachers in opening a door, and please hear me, they assist teachers in opening the door for conversations that have no place in our classrooms."

Earlier this week, Barbee posted a Tiktok video that has received over a half-million views so far. In that video, Barbee tries to justify her reason for showing the film, as being an inexperienced first-year teacher. "The reason I was turned in is because of the split students is a school board member's daughter. That school board member [Shannon Rodriguez] is currently on a rampage to get rid of every form of representation out of our schools," Barbee said. Barbee then began defending her position on LGBTQ and transgender issues, stating, "She [Rodriguez] had an admin escort her to a teacher's classroom that had a sticker of a black hand and a white hand holding hands and the white hand had different color fingernail on every finger." Barbee fails to mention the words "Ally" at the top of the sticker that represents advocating for LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter movements.

Barbee says she chose the movie not because of the LGBTQ content but because it fit the curriculum. "Our unit at the time was earth science and ecosystems and how they interact. Plants, humans, animals..." Strange World's main character not only represents the LGBTQ community, but the focus is on environmentalism and the "climate crisis," which conservatives believe is also part of the left-wing's subject of indoctrination.

Barbee claims she has a lot of students come to her throughout the year and tell her they are "part of that community" (LGBTQ). Barbee says she doesn't push anything on her students, but parents who oppose her beliefs say the images, signs, and movies presented to them in the classroom opens the door to their curiosity. When that happens, teachers like Barbee take advantage of their innocence and naïveté. Parents say it's part of the overall progressive agenda to indoctrinate and groom children who are just beginning to understand sexuality.

Teachers who disagree with the ban on LGBTQ paraphernalia in the classroom say it's their job to be advocates and provide a safe place for children to discuss sexuality, but they present it under the guise of acceptance and diversity. Parents say it's not a teacher's job to tell a child what they are supposed to accept for find diverse, because most religions do not agree with the LGBTQ movement. Due to the controversial content, Disney did not release the film in most Muslim countries or in China.

Barbee is no stranger to controversy. In 2016 Barbee was arrested on fraud charges while working at a Spring Hill Target department store. According to reports, Barbee stole over $2,200 and was booked into the Hernando County Jail on felony charges of Organized Fraud. Don Barbee served as the Hernando County Clerk of Court at the time, and some say he used his influence to conceal his daughter's arrest from public record. After the former Real News Real Fast broke the story, Sheriff Al Nienhuis was forced to explain why Barbee's mugshot and record were initially concealed. Nienhuis claimed it was a "glitch in the system." Barbee's record was later expunged after completing pre-trial intervention.

Barbee's found her fifteen minutes of fame on CNN and other left-wing media outlets this week, but it's unknown how the notoriety will affect the outcome of her case.

Another Hernando County School Board meeting is scheduled for May 30th at 6:00 p.m. in Brooksville. It is expected to be a full house, once again.

CLICK HERE to watch Excerpts of Strange World and Barbee's TikTok


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