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Parents Demand "Woke" Teachers Stop Talking About Sex, Teachers Say it's Their Job

BROOKSVILLE – Since breaking news of the Fox Chapel Middle School threat investigation, R News has been inundated with tips from concerned parents who are requesting that we probe deeper in the problems with Hernando County Schools. Most of the complaints are directed at teachers who say they are providing a safe place for students to discuss their sexuality and gender confusion. Parents say it's not their job to be mental health counselors and demand they stick to teaching the curriculum. Progressive teachers say "it takes a village" but that doesn't fly with conservative values.

In the last few weeks, at least four teachers have been removed from the classroom for various issues. Last Wednesday, Winding Waters K-8 art teacher Michelle Seeholzer was removed from class after she told a student he had to reject his morals and accept that lesbians, gays, and transgender people are "normal." This after he removed a drawing that showed a known-lesbian cartoon character with the words, "I'm a woman love women, I'm a woman kisser, I am a lesbian" written on the drawing. When he refused to conform to her demands, she called him homophobic and tore up one of his drawings. In addition to the "lesbian" drawing, the student says another drawing had the words "BLM" written all over it. The full story can be found on the R News website.

Winding Waters fifth grade teacher Jenna Barbee was suspended last week, after she forced her class to watch the movie Strange World, without prior approval from administrators. One of the characters in them movie is openly gay has conversations with his father about a male character that he is attracted to. District officials say Strange World is prohibited from being shown to students in Hernando County Schools.

Last Thursday, a Hernando High School teacher was suspended after she allegedly made threatening statements during an online staff meeting. During a discussion about graffiti on a girl's restroom wall that states, "We're going to sh**t up the school on May 5th," Para Media teacher Susan Link said, "So I don't need to bring my M16 tomorrow?" The Sheriff's Office conducted an investigation and determined that she was not a threat. Link apologized profusely for making the statement and said it was only a bad joke.

Earlier today, Central High School Social Studies teacher Michael DeJesus was arrested on felony battery charges after he put two hands on a fellow staff member during an argument in his classroom. The full story is available on the R News website.

Yesterday, R News received a photograph of a large flag hanging in a West Hernando Middle School classroom that represents the LGBTQ, Transgender, and Black Lives Matter movements. The parent, who wished to remain anonymous, says Paraprofessional Joseph Bristol had the flag hanging for the entire school year and only removed it after she complained to school officials. District Spokesperson Karen Jordan confirmed that the flag was removed.

School Superintendent John Stratton, who is facing a vote of no confidence by school board members, immediately emailed the district, advising them to remove all prohibited items. Stratton writes, "As you know, the Florida Legislature has concluded its 2023 session and there are several bills impacting education, including expanding the scope of the Parental Bill of Rights Law. All staff should become knowledgeable about the Parental Bill of Rights Law to prevent unintended outcomes that may require corrective action by school administrators or district officials. Effective immediately, any materials, signage, or flags on display in classrooms or on campus must be in direct support of Florida's BEST standards and relevant to instruction. Displaying any material that does not align to instruction is prohibited."

Parents believe "woke" teachers are indoctrinating students with their personal belief that more than two genders exist, and glorifying homosexuals over heterosexuals. Teachers say they are just providing a welcoming atmosphere and that a large population of students are "in the closet." They believe it is their duty to counsel students on the issues. Parents say children are impressionable and easily manipulated to believe whatever their teachers tell them. If they do not conform to "diversity" many of them feel they will be shamed by teachers and their peers.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for May 30th, and it is expected to be filled with angry opponents on both sides of the issue. In addition, the school board is expected to vote on whether or not to remove Superintendent John Stratton. As it sits, Board Members Mark Johnson and Shannon Rodriguez will vote to remove Stratton. Susan Duval and Linda Prescott will most likely vote to retain Stratton. Chairman Gus Guadagnino holds the deciding vote.


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