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"Fetusgate" Part II - Second Investigation Opens into Medical Office's Clogged Drains

SPRING HILL – An investigation is underway into suspicious material located in the sewer drains of a local Chiropractic office, and there is speculation that some of the material may be human remains.

Last Wednesday, Dr. Summer Vasseur, a chiropractor with Hernando Spine & Injury, contacted a plumber due to clogged drains in the office. Vasseur says she became concerned when her plumber sent a scope into office toilet and observed what they believed to be blood, and what appears to be human remains. The plumber, who wished to remain anonymous, says he's never seen anything like it, except for hospitals where biohazardous material is common. Vasseur moved into the office late last year, and says she never handles biohazardous material as part of her practice. Vasseur showed R News video of what appears to be blood and other unknown substances in the drain, but without forensic testing it cannot be confirmed.

Concerned with what she saw, Vasseur immediately called the Sheriff's Office and requested an investigation. Vasseur says dispatchers were hesitant to send anyone, until she advised that her office is the location of last year's "fetus" investigation. Upon arrival, deputies took a report but did not call for forensics to test or take samples of the substances.

AbraKIDabra Pediatric Clinic used to lease the same office but relocated after the investigation to an address on Omaha Circle. Investigators treated that case as a crime scene and sent material to the Medical Examiner's office to be tested. The Sheriff's Office denied ever using the term "fetus" to describe their investigation, but copies of their CAD notes proved otherwise. It's unknown why officials attempted to conceal what was being investigated. The Medical Examiner later confirmed that material they were provided for examination did not test positive for human remains, but that doesn't ease Vasseur's concerns.

There is speculation that underage abortions were being performed by someone associated with a previous tenant, but that has not been confirmed. R News received anonymous tips from several people involved in the prior investigation, but they have all refused to go on the record, out of fear of retaliation.

R News tried to contact AbraKIDabra for comment, but they have not returned our call.

R News contacted the Sheriff's Office to request the report, but they advised that it is still an open investigation and would not comment further.

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