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MS13 Gang Member Charged with Gruesome Murder of Uber Eats Driver

HOLIDAY – Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco spoke to the media today about a gruesome murder that took place last Friday on Moog Road.

According to Nocco, an Uber Eats driver texted his wife around 6:43 p.m. to say he was on his last deliver and would be home soon. The victim's wife became concerned after he did not respond to her text at 7:31 p.m. and later called to report her husband missing.

Nocco says investigators reached out to Uber Eats and determined his last delivery was at 3438 Moog Road. Deputies responded to the home, but no one answered the door and there was no evidence that the victim was there.

Investigators returned to the residence on April 21st and spoke with a male subject who showed them video of the victim walking up to the door but then Nocco says the video cuts off. Additional video shows two men carrying trash bags to the side of the house on April 20th. Upon inspection of those bags, investigators found human remains that belonged to the victim.

Investigators made contact with the suspect, 30-year-old Oscar Adrian Solis, and charged him with failure to register as a felon in Pasco County. The investigation remained active for several days so that detectives could gather enough evidence to charge Solis with the victim's murder.

On April 24th, Solis was formally charged with first degree murder. The victim's identity has not been released by officials.

Nocco says, "This was a horrific crime of passion. What he did was demonic, but we don't know why." Investigators have found no connection between the Solis and the victim, says Nocco.

Solis, an MS13 gang member, moved Holiday from Indiana back in January after being released from prison. Nocco says Solis allegedly stabbed an inmate several times while incarcerated in Indiana, and then "they sent him down here to Florida."

Sadly, it was the suspect's father who ordered food and sent the victim to his son's address.

Nocco says there are several young adults or children who visited the home just before the victim disappeared, and he is pleading for them to come forward to provide information.

The case remains under investigation.


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