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Parent Praises Quick Response by Hernando County Sheriff's Deputies

SPRING HILL – On the one-week anniversary of the mass shooting that took place at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, a local elementary school was placed on lockdown, for what some thought might be another tragedy in the making.

Around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, an observant parent waiting to pick up her children from Spring Hill Elementary noticed a woman standing in her front holding what she believed to be a shotgun. The parent then witnessed the woman load two shells into the gun and lock the barrel. A friend of the witness, who wished to remain anonymous, tells R News that he went to the front office and notified school officials of what the witness observed. The school was immediately placed on "alarm lockdown" and the school resource officer called for backup.

Numerous deputies converged on the school within 5 minutes of the call and began searching for the alleged armed subject. Contact was made with the woman on Roble Ave, who denied having a weapon at all. After deputies were certain there was no threat to the school, the lockdown was lifted, and children were released to their parents.

The witness who reported the incident and described what transpired says the deputies did an incredible job securing the scene and protecting the children. Although this turned out to be a false alarm, the witness believes it is the right thing to always remain vigilant and report anything that seems out of place.

Officials have not commented on today's incident.


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