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What Happened to Timothy Brady? The Search Continues

HERNANDO – 35-year-old Timothy Braddy left the state of Oregon over a month ago, came to central Florida for work, and disappeared without a trace on December 14, 2022, in front of Winding Waters K-8. ORIGINAL STORY

Timothy's parents, Terry and Kimberly Braddy have not given up the search for their son and neither has a group of former law enforcement officers and military veterans. "Nico" heads the organization We are the Essentials and they have taken the lead in the search for their Timothy.

During an interview in Citrus County yesterday, Nico explained that several items were found in the area of Grass Street and Ponce De Leo Blvd that belonged to Timothy. This morning, Nico and his team deployed drones in the area and will continue ground search efforts to look for more clues.

According to the parents, the Hernando County Sheriff's Office suddenly closed Timothy's case and will no longer assist in search efforts. They say Citrus County has not opened a case because Hernando County did not request their assistance. It's unknown at this time if Citrus County will open an investigation.

Anyone with information into the Timothy Braddy's disappearance is asked to contact We are the Essentials at 516-253-0610. Kimberly Braddy says any and all leads will be followed up on, no mattery how small or insignificant they may seem.

Click Here to watch our interview with Kimberly and Terry Braddy


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