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Fisherman Caught Transporting 1 1/2 Tons of Cocaine Awaiting Trial in Hernando County Jail

BROOKSVILLE – A defendant in a high-profile drug trafficking case is currently housed at the Hernando County Jail.

In 2019, 43-year-old Nefer Alfonso Hinojosa of Riohacha, Colombia and three other defendants were captured off the coast of Colombia, attempting to transport nearly a ton and a half of cocaine to Central America. The four suspects, who were well-known fisherman, used a large fishing vessel to transport the cocaine.

In addition to local charges in Colombia, the U.S. Government filed for extradition of Hinojosa in January of 2019, so that he could face charges of trafficking and conspiracy to traffic cocaine into the United States.

Federal prosecutors say Hinojosa coordinated, arranged to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine, a Schedule II controlled substance, at an undisclosed location on the west coast of Florida.

Officials have not revealed which cartel Hinojosa is affiliated with.

Details of the case have been sealed by a federal judge.

It is unknown how long Hinojosa will be held in Hernando County.


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