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Murder Suicide Leaves Three Dead in Wellington Subdivision

SPRING HILL – Three people are confirmed dead in what officials say is a murder suicide inside the Wellington subdivision.

According to Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis, deputies responded to 11071 Heathrow Ave around 2:00 p.m. today, after reports of a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, deputies learned that the homeowner wanted a certain family member removed from the residence, but they refused to leave. Deputies explained the eviction process and left the residence. Three hours later, deputies received reports of a shooting and returned to the residence.

Sources say the 911 operator heard a woman say, "put the gun down grandpa," and then heard at least two shots. There was no further communication with the operator after shots were heard.

Upon arrival, deputies deployed a drone inside the residence and discovered the victims.

Nienhuis says this appears to be a murder suicide and that all the victims are either blood or marriage related.


Reader Comments(3)

TooGood4U writes:

So sad to hear this took place. Especially right here at the holidays. Been in that situation of needing squatters to leave my home too, and I'm acutely aware of what it can do to you in trying to get them out. My heart goes out to this Grandpa. Apparently he just could NOT take it anymore. So the takeaway here is: when you're a guest in someone else's home, you need to respect THEM and their home or GET OUT. End of story. Tragedy's like this, should NOT have to happen. Go find someone else to terrorize. Leave the senior elderly folks to their retirement. Just leave when you're told to...or else suffer the consequences. It's THEIR HOME...NOT YOURS.

pigknukles2002 writes:

Oh yea…. I almost forgot…. Where are the body Camera’s Alvin? We want transparency as to what our deputies are doing in this county. We believe this is necessary NOW as it is evident you have no control over their actions. And it looks more and more that it’s not their fault but the fault of your incompetence.

pigknukles2002 writes:

Here we go again folks. Alvin Neinhuis typical reaction “This is Hernando County Sheriff Al Neinhuis…. Nothing here that my deputies screwed up due to the incompetence of my administration and myself so let’s move on folks case closed”. What a feckless coward. Train your deputies to properly access situations and handle the situation to avoid these tragedies!! Geeez