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Five Suspects Charged in Gang Related Homicide, Victim's Identity Not Released

BROOKSVILLE – 10-days after the first arrest was made in connection with a 2021 gang-related homicide, officials now say 5 suspects are behind bars.

The investigation began on the morning of July 13, 2021, when deputies were called to the area of Silent Breeze Street and Wolf Road. A delivery driver reported finding an unresponsive Hispanic male lying next to a 2021 Volkswagen Jetta. Fire Rescue later pronounced the subject deceased.

Investigators opened a homicide investigation after determining that the victim was the subject of a violent death.

Officials later determined that the victim was a member of the Latin Kings and had died as a result of a "beat down," due to his desire to leave the gang.

The investigation revealed that five individuals were responsible for the murder and acquired warrants for their arrest.

The following suspects have been charged:

- Shayne A. White-Gracteroly DOB/08-13-1991 - from Hernando County

- Jimmy Nguyen DOB/09-03-1993 – from Hernando County

- Reynol Gonzalez DOB/07-08-1997 – from Putnam County

- Hector Robles DOB/06-12-1976 – from Marion County

- Reynaldo Fonseca DOB/02-20-1991 – from Marion County.

The charges for each one of the suspects were as follows:

- 3rd Degree Murder

- Aggravated Battery

- Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Battery.

Three suspects remain in the Hernando County Detention Center, awaiting trial. The other two suspects have posted bond.

Officials say, the identity of the victim has been withheld, as per Marsy's Law.

Assistant State Attorney Peter Magrino suggested that there were a total of six suspects. It is unknown if there is still one suspect accounted for.

Anyone with information on this Homicide is requested to contact Detective Tom Cameron at 352-754-6830.

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Reader Comments(2)

pigknukles2002 writes:

I’ve been thinking….. This is a story folks that actually is a big deal for our community. This Sheriff is doing an excellent job of keeping us (the community) in the dark over what is actually going on here. You here absolutely nothing about how the crime rate has gone up. He manipulates the numbers and hides behind Marcy’s law as an excuse. I was shocked to hear the Latin Kings have set up here in Hernando. This means they are dealing drugs, doing robberies and burglaries. They force women into prostitution. It’s time we wake up and demand of this Sheriff to keep the community properly informed. Become proactive as a law enforcement agency Sheriff. Let these Miscreant’s know they are not welcome here and we as a community will drive them out!!

pigknuckles2002 writes:

Maybe if this agency was not so wrapped up with chasing each other’s spouses they would solve crimes quicker. On another topic… Alvin… you asked for 7 million dollars from your bosses. (The tax payers). Why did you only give these hard working men and women (the ones not busy chasing spouses wives) a 3.5% raise, when you went from $156,000 a year to $182,000?? How do you look in the mirror knowing that you are doing such a terrible job running this once good agency.