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Seven Students Hospitalized After Drinking Unknown Substance

UPDATE: 4:30 P.M.

SPRING HILL – Earlier today, R New reported that seven students at Grace Education Academy were hospitalized after drinking an unknown substance. Now School officials say that it was all a hoax and that no children were harmed.

According to a post on the school’s Facebook page, all seven students claimed they became ill after ingesting water that contained “medication.” The students were transported to a nearby hospital, where school officials say they all have “a clear tox screen.” The post further reads, “It was all a hoax. Funny thing it’s not funny. Why do kids think things like this is funny! Consequences will be handed down.”

The Sheriff’s Office has not released an updated statement regarding the incident.


SPRING HILL – The Hernando County Sheriff's Office is investigating an incident at a local K-8 school that resulted in several students being hospitalized.

According to officials, just before 1:00 p.m. today, Fire Rescue and Law Enforcement responded to Grace Education Academy, located at 11085 Hearth Road, after seven students drank something that caused an adverse reaction.

Investigators have not determined what the substance is but they say all seven students drank from the same bottle of water that was passed around.

All seven students were transported by ambulance to a local hospital, where officials say the are currently in stable condition.

Major Case Detectives are investigating the incident.


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