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VIDEO - R News Reporter Leads Deputies to Stolen Vehicle, Suspects Captured

SPRING HILL – It's not often that a reporter is caught up in a story they're covering, but today was an exception for R News Reporter Tom Lemons.

On Friday, Lemons responded to the scene of an alleged carjacking that occurred at Pioneer Skate Park, also known as Stewy's Skate Park, on Pinehurst Drive. Sources say the victim was beat up by two black males and then the suspects drove away with his silver Honda Civic. Deputies later classified the incident as a stolen vehicle and not a carjacking.

Today, R News received information that the stolen vehicle was traveling westbound on Cortez Blvd from Mariner Blvd. Lemons happened to be in nearby, so he staged in the area of US-19 and Cortez Blvd, just in case the vehicle happened to pass by – and it did.

Just a few minutes after arriving, Lemons observed the vehicle heading southbound on US-19, so he began to follow. Lemons called the Sheriff's Office to report what he had witnessed and continued following until he reached the intersection of US-19 and Berkley Manor Blvd. Lemons lost sight of the vehicle when it turned into Bridgewater Club Apartments, but then spotted the vehicle again in the parking lot of the Target department store. Once again, Lemons contacted the Sheriff's Office to report the location of the suspects and the vehicle. A few minutes later, A deputy arrived, and Lemons guided him to the vehicle.

Three juvenile suspects were taken into custody, while another walked away from the scene.

Sources tell R News that one suspect was charged with vehicle theft, while the others received notices to appear in court on unknown charges.

This is not the first time Lemons has helped law enforcement solve crimes. When Lemons was operating Real News Real Fast, he witnessed several deputy involved shootings, where he provided video and statement's to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Lemons led deputies to the location of a kidnapping suspect in 2016 and recorded dramatic video of the arrest.

In 2017, Lemons witnessed a pair of shoplifters smash their minivan into a vehicle, while trying to avoid being recorded on video. Deputies were able to locate the suspect's residence, due to Lemons providing their vehicle tag number.

You can see these videos and more on the old RNRF Youtube Page under "Tom Lemons."


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