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The Mysterious Case of the Clogged Drain – PIOs Mislead the Public

SPRING HILL – On February 16, 2022, R News received several tips regarding a major case crime scene established at AbraKIDabra Pediatrics on Mariner Blvd.

That morning, sources began reporting that a plumber was on scene to unclog a toilet that had been slow to drain for two weeks. We were told a substance that appeared to be a 12-week-old fetus had been located and that a nurse confirmed the appearance to be just that. As a result, they decided to call the Sheriff's Office.

During the two-day investigation that included several detectives, deputies, forensics, and the medical examiner's office, the Sheriff's Office refused to comment or provide any details. Due to the nature of what was suspected to be in the drain, a portion of the floor was removed to access the area that was clogged.

At the request of the community, R News published a short piece on the investigation, stating that a possible fetus had been discovered in a drain. As we always do with any unsubstantiated report, we stated, "unconfirmed reports," "according to sources," and made it clear that officials had not commented.

On February 17, 2022, the Hernando County Sheriff's Office released a statement on the agency's Facebook Page that completely avoided the use of the word "fetus" or "human remains," and made it seem that everything we reported was false. The Public Information Officers, Denise Moloney and Michael Terry, engaged with their audience, claiming they never suspected the anomaly was human tissue or a fetus. As a result, hundreds of people ridiculed and bullied this reporter because they believed I had posted false information. According to the HCSO social media policy, they do not allow bullying and will remove anyone who violates that rule, but the Public Information Office not only allowed it, they joined and referred to me as "yellow news" and "alternate news." (See attached screenshots from the agency's Facebook Page)

Today, R News contacted the Medical Examiner's Office in Leesburg to find out what the anomaly actually was. Pay close attention to the underlined words.

Here is that report:

At 1645 on 2/16/2022 this investigator was contacted by Det. Eric Miller (352-942-3796) of the Hernando County Sheriff's Office for the death notification of a suspected unidentified human fetus. Dr. Corey was notified of the circumstances of this case.

The reported scene is a pediatrician's office that had complained of a clogged toilet for approximately the last 2 weeks. A plumber used a camera to check the problem and found a mass that resembles a human fetus. The approximate location is a 3-4 inch pipe in the area under the office lobby. HCSO was in the process of either getting consent or a search warrant to dig up the area and access the pipe. HCSO would notify this investigator when a scene response would be needed.

2316: This investigator went to the scene but the mass was not able to be located or extracted. An attempt was to be made in the morning. This investigator left the scene at 0056 on 2/17.

2/17/2022 1206: This investigator returned to the scene. Per HCSO Sgt. B. Cox, the line was flushed and all solid components were collected and placed in two bags. This investigator went to the scene and examined the contents. There is no perceivable skeletal or tissue pattern. The contents are composed of excrement and waste toilet paper. Any solid contents contained therein were photographed and those contents are made up of partially digested food fragments and one noted medicinal gel cap. No human remains were determined to have been present. These developments were discussed with Dr. T. Corey and it was determined that this case does not fall under ME jurisdiction. – Investigator Medrano

The report clearly states that the Hernando County Sheriff's Office was investigating "suspected unidentified human fetus," and that the plumber and nurse had reported the mass to resemble a "human fetus."

Below is the HCSO report that was posted on the agency's Facebook Page. Pay close attention to the underlined words and complete avoidance of the terms "Fetus" and "Human Remains."

Media Release

HCSO Investigates Anomaly Located in Business's Plumbing

On 02-16-2022 at 3:28 p.m., Hernando County Sheriff's deputies responded to AbraKIDabra Pediatrics located at 1198 Mariner Boulevard in Spring Hill in reference to what appeared to be a suspicious object found in the business's plumbing.

The business hired a local plumber due to having issues flushing the toilets for the last two weeks.

The plumber used a camera sewer snake to examine the exterior drain. While he was examining the drain, the plumber advised he observed an object 11-feet into the drain obstructing the flow.

The plumber was unable to determine what the object/anomaly was at the time. The plumber had a nurse examine the object and decided to notify the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies responded to the business and reviewed the images. Deputies proceeded to call in additional personnel to examine the object.

On 02-17-2022, with members of the Forensic Unit present, investigators had the plumber cut through the lobby floor and remove the section of the pipe in question.

The contents were evacuated and examined by Forensic and Medical specialists.

Following a thorough examination, nothing suspicious in nature was located in the pipe.

It is a fact that the Sheriff's Office was investigating suspected human remains, specifically a fetus, during their investigation. It is a fact that when I published my report, the speculation was accurate and confirmed by an anonymous Sheriff's Office Employee who had access to CAD notes. It is a fact that HCSO intentionally downplayed the incident and avoided the use of the words "fetus" and "human remains," in an effort to discredit my news reporting. It is a fact that the PIO department was not truthful when they claimed to NOT be investigating human remains.

Before contacting the Medical Examiner's Office, I also requested a full report from HCSO. Officials denied access to that public record, claiming that the case was still open.

If you are curious why this fiasco took place and why Public Information Officers Denise Moloney and Michael Terry denied public records and engaged in a slander campaign against R News, please watch my documentary Behind the Gate. That will answer all your questions.

R News strives to be accurate and expeditious in reporting news. We are not always right, but we will admit when we are wrong and retract or apologize for errant information. This case does not represent an error on the part of R News and, therefore, we stand by our report.


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