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Hernando School District and Pasco Hernando State College to Receive Over $2.13 Mil ERAP Grant

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – As part of a $10.5 million dollar Expansion of Registered Apprenticeship and Preapprenticeship (ERAP) Grant, the Hernando County School District and Pasco Hernando State College will receive $1,173,900 and $956,346, respectively.

According to a statement from Gov. Ron DeSantis's Office today, registered apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship training programs are a key component of Florida's workforce education. They provide excellent opportunities for employers to develop and apply industry standards to training programs that can increase productivity, attract and retain highly qualified employees, and improve their retention and overall performance.

"We are proud to invest in programs that make a difference for students and their employers," said Governor Ron DeSantis. "This $10.5 million will provide opportunities for an additional 4,200 students in the next year and will encourage more businesses to start their own apprenticeship programs to meet industry demands."

"Florida has never seen a governor make so many strategic investments in workforce education that provide students with numerous opportunities to start and grow their careers, and businesses with such a large pool of highly qualified and talented individuals," said Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran. "This funding provides critical opportunities to grow Florida's highly-skilled workforce and I am thankful for Governor DeSantis' continued leadership to make Florida number one in the nation for workforce education."

Apprenticeship and preapprenticeship programs train very talented and qualified employees that employers seek to employ. Students who complete a registered apprenticeship program are accepted by the industry as journey workers and often start their careers by earning on average $52,520 a year.

Existing programs that will benefit from the ERAP grant have showcased their existing programs and recommended expansion options by starting with new high demand and middle to high wage apprenticeship or preapprenticeship programs. Proposed occupations include: electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, Electrical Vehicle (EV), and diesel mechanics, low voltage telecommunications, construction and design, radiology and magnetic resonance imaging, teaching, and culinary.

The following post-secondary organizations are being awarded ERAP grant funds:

• Hillsborough Community College - $1,575,000

• Seminole State College - $1,506,879

• Tallahassee Community College - $1,500,000

• Palm-Beach State College - $1,223,600

• Hernando County School District - $1,173,900

• Palm Beach County School District - $1,057,434

• Pasco-Hernando State College - $956,346

• The University of Florida, College of Education - $603,461

• Santa Fe College - $568,860

• Pinellas Technical College - $276,220

• Miami-Dade College - $48,545

I asked Pam Everett, candidate for Hernando County School Board District 5, what she thought about the Governor's initiatives, and she said, "I fully support the governor's program, it prepares our children for the future, right after graduation. Technology is here to stay, that's the bottom line." Everett continues, "I also want to praise the Governor on his Financial Literacy program (Dorothy L. Hukill Financial Literacy Act), which will help our children understand the importance of saving and budgeting their money.

Today's announcement comes on the heels of the Governor's $89 million for workforce educations initiative that includes funding for Florida colleges to create career and technical education charter schools, expand career and technical education dual enrollment in STEM-related programs, and accelerate cybersecurity and IT post-secondary pathways. Additionally, Governor DeSantis announced $289 million for STEM programs, civics education, and after-school and summer learning programs as part of Florida's goal to make Florida the #1 state in the nation for education.


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DonnyGino writes:

I love our Governor! Also, great article until you interviewed Duval and Stratton's RINO BFF Everett. She didn't even answer your question, not surprised though given her nature. I live in Timber Pines and she spoke last month, not impressed and sounded like a leftist. Glad to see you back online. Really missed RNRF. Keep up the good work Tom. - Donny G