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Suspect Charged with 2nd Degree Murder in Death of Inmate

BROOKSVILLE – On Saturday, the Hernando County Sheriff's Office reported the death of an inmate at the Hernando County Detention Center. Today, Sheriff Al Nienhuis provided more details into what happened and identified the suspect and victim.

According to Nienhuis, the suspect, 35-year-old William Gillespie was being held in the medical unit after suffering injuries from an earlier altercation with an inmate. While being removed from the cell for an interview regarding the earlier incident, Gillespie kicked another inmate in the head who was lying in a bunk. Gillespie was detained, preventing further attack.

Nienhuis says the victim, 49-year-old Jory Van Antwerp did not have obvious injuries and appeared to be okay. Van Antwerp assured staff that he was okay, and no further action was taken.

Victim, Jory Van Antwerp

In the early morning hours of June 15th, Van Antwerp began experiencing symptoms and was transported to a local hospital. An MRI of Van Antwerp's brain showed evidence of an inter-cranial bleed and by that evening Van Antwerp died as a result of that injury.

The Medical Examiner confirmed that Van Antwerp died from the brain bleed and that it was not part of his original medical condition.

Van Antwerp was arrested in January of this year on multiple counts of sexual assault on a minor, but Nienhuis says he doesn't believe Gillespie was aware of his charges. Full Story

Gillespie is charged with 2nd Degree Murder, and 2-counts of Battery on an Inmate, in addition to his original charges of Battery on LEO or Firefighter/Paramedic. He is currently held without bond.


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